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How Can I Cut Back on Water Damage in San Antonio?

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

living room, water damaged carpets We're Faster To Any Size Disaster in San Antonio. Call SERVPRO to mitigate the water damage to your carpets and furnishings

SERVPRO Has the Technicians to Handle Prompt, Efficient Water Mitigation to Lessen Damage to Your San Antonio Property

Several incidents have the potential of creating water damage within your home. Water intrusion is never something a homeowner wants to deal with, and the longer that you wait to address it, the more the damage increases. Therefore, it is better to act fast so that your San Antonio home gets back to normal faster. The SERVPRO team has the techniques and industry training to help lessen the overall damage, resulting in less of a hit to your finances.

What is Water Mitigation?

Expert water mitigation in San Antonio helps to prevent the damage from flooding or leaks from getting worse. Fast action lessens the cost and the need for disposal or replacement of your building materials and contents. There are many potential scenarios leading to water damage in the home, including:

  • Moisture located behind walls
  • Leaks in your plumbing (pipes or fixtures)
  • Broken or burst hoses or pipes
  • Leaks in your roofing
  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Toilet clogs, and more

No matter the cause for your water issue, SERVPRO is quick to respond with comprehensive mitigation services. We arrive onsite in as little as four hours after you call us so that we can get to work with water extraction and helping to keep water from migrating to other areas of your home.

Until we arrive, we suggest that you:

  • Do not enter into rooms that have standing water until you know that the electricity is off
  • Do not lift up any tacked-down carpeting without professional assistance
  • Do not disturb any areas where you suspect mold
  • Do not use any electrical appliances while standing on wet flooring or carpeting

SERVPRO of Braun Station is the team to call when you need reliable water mitigation services. We are available 24/7 for emergency service by calling (210) 267-2159 to have a Green Fleet deployed to your property.

What Are Some Major Considerations During Mold Remediation in San Antonio Homes?

11/8/2021 (Permalink)

mold growth on walls and ceiling SERVPRO can repair the water leak and remediate the mold damage in this San Antonio home

SERVPRO Strives to Limit Mold from Spreading or Endangering People During Remediation

Mold can develop all over your San Antonio home or in limited sections such as the bathroom or kitchen. Whatever the case, finding an appropriate remediation approach is essential for convenience and better outcomes. Involving an experienced restorer may give you the best results.

Mold remediation in San Antonio properties requires sufficient control. Otherwise, many unexpected problems can arise. For example, although initially limited, contamination can spread throughout the house if handled wrongly. SERVPRO can help you accomplish the desired goals since we make serious deliberation before taking any step.

Some of the essential precautions our technicians take include:

  • Using remediation methods that do not worsen the problem
  • Choosing approaches that do not endanger people
  • Establishing the root of the problem before concluding restoration

Every case of mold development is usually tied to moisture accumulation in the property. Using the most sophisticated cleaning methods or replacing all affected materials can only provide temporary relief if the moisture issue is not addressed. Our SERVPRO technicians ensure this by checking for pipe or roof leaks. We also use thermal cameras to locate hidden moisture in cavities and thermo-hygrometers to confirm humidity levels in different house sections.

When doing remediation, the safety of everyone involved is crucial. Otherwise, the problem might evolve from house damage to personal harm. The contamination might also spread from the initial locations. Our SERVPRO technicians set up containment barriers using 6-mil plastic sheets to prevent debris from spreading into the air while we demolish affected areas. We also establish negative air pressure in the contained areas.

SERVPRO of Braun Station takes mold remediation with the seriousness it deserves, thus resolving any level of contamination, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (210) 267-2159.

How Can I Keep My Bedroom Furnishings After a Fire?

11/8/2021 (Permalink)

wand and vac cleaning soot on carpet SERVPRO provides skilled technicians using the latest cleaning equipment to restore fire damaged contents and materials in San Antonio

SERVPRO technicians can perform fire and soot removal in your San Antonio home and lessen the need for replacing items.

Even when articles and building materials in a bedroom do not receive charring from a fire, they can still require disposal if the soot or smoke damage cannot get removed. Worse, self-cleaning methods using liquid solutions increase the cost by driving soot into walls and other surfaces. It is a smart move to bring in a professional restoration services company to remove the smoke damage and after-effects of the fire. SERVPRO encourages parents to provide their children with useful fire safety information and aids.

Can Bedding Get Cleaned After a Fire and Soot Removal? 

This bedroom had a fire in San Antonio that had light charring and needed soot removal. SERVPRO technicians approach every cleanup carefully with actions such as:

  • Testing the smoke residues to determine the type 
  • Choosing the correct cleaning agent by the surface being cleaned
  • Inspect and cleaning of washable fabrics exposed to soot

The mattress received no effects from the fire and remained in place during the mitigation, although covered in plastic to stop any cross-contamination from airborne particulate during the cleanup.

As long as the bedding is washable, the techs can use the Esporta Washing System to remove all traces of soot, smoke odors, dirt, and dust after a single wash in this powerful piece of equipment.

During the fire, the first responders stacked the articles in the room in a corner. SERVPRO techs went through the items one by one to determine the restoration potential through various cleaning methods. An outside cleaning station handles that task as things get taken out of the job site area. This attention to detail by the techs enables the homeowner to realize the savings by not having to replace so many possessions post-fire.

SERVPRO of Braun Station at (210) 267-2159 has the techniques and equipment to handle damage from fire and soot removal in your home.

What Can Be Done as Flash Flood Mitigation in San Antonio if the Water Is Yet to Recede?

10/31/2021 (Permalink)

flood water level high, wearing galoshes. Flood and storm damage remediation services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service.

SERVPRO Helps Take Actions That Minimize Contamination and Moisture Action in a Flooded Home

Various incidents can leave your San Antonio property flooded. A flash flood is one example of such an incident. Apart from inundating your property with filthy water, it can create other problems. Starting mitigating the damages as soon as you discover the issue is crucial to regain control of the situation. 

Even when you know what is necessary for flash flood mitigation at your San Antonio home, several factors can force you to delay the necessary action. For instance, since the flood covers vast areas, you cannot start water removal from your house until the water recedes from the surrounding areas. However, professional restoration companies like SERVPRO can find ways to address some issues during the wait.

Issues that can be addressed while the house is still inundated include:

  • Control of indoor humidity and moisture migration
  • Management of contaminants
  • Content pack out

Apart from the effects caused by the water pooling on various surfaces, there is additional moisture action within the building from other sources. For instance, the standing water evaporates, constantly increasing the humidity levels in the air. High humidity can cause deterioration in any section of the house since air movements are not limited. 

Another problem caused by the stagnant flood water is wicking through materials which can spread the moisture problem along the walls from the ground upwards. Finally, the proliferation of microbes in the standing water is high, which can worsen the contamination levels in the house. SERVPRO can help take different actions to address the problems.

The top actions that can make a difference include:

  • Spraying EPA-registered disinfectants directly into the stagnant water
  • Setting up dehumidifiers in the house to keep relative humidity levels below 60%
  • Making flood cuts to contact moisture wicking through materials

SERVPRO of Braun Station offers sufficient resources for flash floods mitigation, addressing any problem, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (210) 267-2159.

What Is Necessary During Fire Debris Removal From San Antonio Business Premises?

10/24/2021 (Permalink)

Here To Help Commercial fire damage restoration is no easy task. Call SERVPRO and let their IICRC certified techs handle all the work for you.

SERVPRO Handles the Process Professionally Guaranteeing Site Safety and Appropriate Disposal

Fire leaves a wide range of debris, from the fine ones such as soot and ash to the bulky ones such as partially burnt structural materials like ceiling panels. Taking care of all the debris is essential in restoring your property and resuming daily routines at your San Antonio business premises. 

Various factors can impact fire debris removal from your San Antonio facility. For instance, the amount of debris and the need to comply with local or state laws during disposal are two crucial factors. SERVPRO can help provide the resources and expertise needed for the safe handling of the debris.

Successful removal takes various steps, including:

  • Collection of debris
  • Manipulation of the debris
  • Safe handling

Debris tends to be scattered in different sections of a property. Finding and consolidating it is one crucial step in the removal process. Our SERVPRO teams use various resources to facilitate this. For instance, we bring large wheeled trash cans to hold materials like insulation or ceiling panels torn down from the structure. We also have zip-lock plastic bags for carrying the finer residues.

Since the debris must be transferred from the loss site to a disposal site, organizing it is crucial. Organizing can mean different things, including separating materials for disposal in different locations or packing them securely for safe transportation. Our SERVPRO technicians facilitate this too. Since we have various powered cutting tools, we can reduce bulky structural materials into small pieces that can be snuggly packed for transportation.

A properly handled debris removal process ensures:

  • Capture of all wastes and harmful materials
  • Separation of hazardous materials from the regular waste
  • Organization at the loss site until materials are disposed

SERVPRO of Braun Station helps manage fire debris removal professionally, allowing faster resumption of your normal business operations. Call us at (210) 267-2159. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Tasks Are Typical During Water Damage Mitigation at My San Antonio Home?

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work and hardwood floor. SERVPRO technicians are trained in the art of preloss conditions. Water damage restoration services for your home are a job for us.

SERVPRO Educates Homeowners About the Issues Sparked by Water Intrusions Before Restoration Starts

If it is the first time you are handling a severe water damage situation at your San Antonio home, you might underestimate or overestimate the processes you have to complete to restore the preloss state. A professional restorer can help break down the process for a clearer understanding.

Knowing what water damage mitigation at your San Antonio home might require helps you plan your time or make other arrangements, such as addressing the cost implications of the process. After SERVPRO arrives at your property and performs the initial assessment, our crew chief provides a breakdown of the necessary actions, which can range from cleaning to rebuilding damaged structural materials.

Some typical cleaning processes after water intrusion include:

The necessary actions may depend on the source of the water or the lead time since the intrusion. Therefore they can vary greatly. Our SERVPRO technicians also help clarify why some of the supplementary processes may be necessary. For instance, we might decide to apply a stain-resistant topical treatment to items such as upholstery or carpets. Before doing so, we ensure you understand the importance of this step for the overall restoration of preloss conditions.

Removing and renovating various materials is also necessary. For instance, pads, insulation, and electrical systems may require replacement after exposure to high volumes of water. The removal processes affect the floors, walls, and other vast sections of the properties necessitating considerable rebuilding or refinishing tasks.

Some of the expected refinishing tasks include:

  • Carpet seaming
  • Repainting walls
  • Reinstallation of electrical outlets

SERVPRO of Braun Station can help you understand the water mitigation processes and deliver satisfactory outcomes. Call us at (210) 267-2159 to help address any issue, “Like it never even happened.”

When Your San Antonio Commercial Property Falls Victim to Water Damage

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Water damaged kitchen; damaged ceiling removed SERVPRO removed the damaged parts of the kitchen to thoroughly dry the leak.

Understanding the Need for Tear Out/Demolition Strategies After Commercial Water Damage in San Antonio

After a substantial plumbing leak or equipment malfunction in your San Antonio commercial property, you hope for a fast and successful recovery to get back to business as usual. Our highly qualified Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians might dismay your team when recommending a step that feels like an amplification of the chaos and destruction rather than part of a solution. The following are reasons we must pursue partial demolition after a water damage.

Safety Considerations

Water damage in your San Antonio commercial property must always be assessed initially from a safety standpoint. When we arrive, our crews are ready to begin emergency services, but wait until our project manager scopes for hazards exposing you, your workforce, and our employees to risks that could cause injury or even death. Saturated and deteriorating building materials can fall, topple, and fail to provide structural support underfoot or side to side. To mitigate the chance of continuing damage and clarify the extent of the destruction, we might perform the following actions and more. We adhere to local building regulations after consultation with your insurance company and structural engineers if required.

  • Pull down waterlogged ceilings
  • Remove crumbling drywall and insulation
  • Remove soaked carpet and padding
  • Pull up buckled wood or laminate flooring
  • Clear away dislodged ceramic or other tiles

Creating Access for Water Removal and Drying

Often water migrates far from the original damage. SERVPRO technicians use a range of tools to map out the dimensions of the water spread, including building cavities or recesses where water lies trapped. Because water continues to destroy structural components and moisture provides the perfect environment for mold growth if not removed within 24 to 48 hours, we must be creative in releasing hidden caches of water and planning for efficient drying even in confined spaces. Ways we accomplish these goals include:

  • Flood cuts several inches above the water line on wet drywall to release water and allow warm air flow for drying
  • Drilling holes in mortar joints in cinder or concrete block construction
  • Strategic removal of baseboards and flooring to allow extraction of water between walls and in layers of subflooring
  • Drilling or cutting holes in salvageable structures to allow hoses or other connections to suction water out and/or direct warm, moving air in to normalize the moisture load in building materials

SERVPRO of Braun Station uses planned demolition techniques for project safety and to remove water and dry out moisture fast, then helping arrange for rebuilding. Call us at (210) 267-2159 to arrange an assessment after your commercial water damage.

What are Common Fire Hazards in My Home?

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged foyer A faulty dryer caused this fire. Fortunately, SERVPRO was a phone call away.

You Need Professional Restoration Services Against Fire Damage in Your San Antonio Home for the Best Outcome

By its very nature of being an unexpected home disaster, no one plans for a fire in their residence, however, common everyday activities cause some of the most typical reasons for a fire in a San Antonio house:

  • Cooking
  • Smoking and candles
  • Heating
  • Electrical wiring and appliance malfunctions
  • Improper usage or storage of flammable liquids

What Should I Do First After Fire Damage? 

No matter how the fire damage in your San Antonio home occurred, all fire damage has a collective urgency: cleanup and restoration as quickly as possible to lessen the damages. Before the fire crew leaves after putting out the fire, discuss if your home is structurally sound for entering and safe to come in to retrieve any necessary items. If not, alert the SERVPRO crew chief when you arrange for the restoration services.

What Happens to Burned Items in My Home? 

The fire restoration process creates organization in the chaotic aftermath of a home fire. Typically, piles of burned contents get pushed into a wet heap, soot may cover surfaces, and frequently water is also a significant issue with which to contend. SERVPRO technicians organize the effort as follows:

  • Removal of charred items that are damaged
  • Separation of items with restoration potential
  • Setup of cleaning stations
  • Removal of smoke damage
  • Odor control applications
  • Prepping for any needed repairs/rebuilding

Care During Post-Fire Cleanup 

After a San Antonio fire, the home may need initial repairs to stop further damages from occurring. If a roof has a hole from the fire that the techs deem has temporary repair potential, they can tarp over it and secure it until the cleanup and restoration of the interior get completed. In cases where the property has extensive damage or is dangerous for people to enter, the techs typically board up windows and entry points when they are not on-site to discourage anyone from coming into the property.

Taking care not to spread soot throughout the house is another way the techs limit damages. In situations where only a part of a residence received damage, they contain the damaged area to inhibit airborne soot.

Why is it Better to Use a Professional Restoration Services Company Against Fire Damage?

One of the most compelling reasons is to lessen the damages. Waiting to begin mitigation or doing a poor DIY job of cleaning up damage from a fire in your home can make the situation far worse. For example, high heat fires that burn organic materials leave behind dry, powdery residues, particularly on walls and ceilings. If liquid cleaning solutions touch this form of smoke damage, it can drive the particles more in-depth into the wall and require sealant and repainting or removing the sheetrock. SERVPRO techs use tools such as dry cleaning sponges and a light touch to lift away the residues before cleaning the wall gently.

The method used to extract any remaining water on the premises can also have a bearing on the cleanup outcome. Using a wet/dry vacuum lacks the power to pull embedded moisture from within flooring and substrate, leading to seepage and further damage. The extraction equipment the SERVPRO techs use can remove the maximum amount of moisture and lessen the time needed for drying.

The drying equipment is another big difference. The techs bring powerful air movers that not even industrial fans can compare. Another effect of using this drying method is that the air delivery force causes remaining set moisture to rise to the surface, which lessens any potential for foul odors or mold to show up as a secondary issue during the mitigation efforts.

Odor control methods are a must before remediation for fire damage gets tagged as complete. The use of professional cleaning agents helps remove much of the pungent scent as surfaces get wiped down. However, more robust measures are often a must. Soot particles get embedded within the damaged area, and others may be airborne and travel via foot traffic or ductwork to other areas of the home. The techs have professional equipment to eradicate odors by neutralizing the odorous molecules. Air quality is a big concern during the cleanup, and it is a standard practice to run air scrubbers to keep airborne particulates at a minimum.

When fire damage leaves its mark on your home and contents, contact SERVPRO of Braun Station at (210) 267-2159. Certified technicians have both the experience and equipment to make the fire damage a thing of the past and return your home to its previous condition.

San Antonio Small Business Owners Must Plan for Mold Damage Remediation

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

mold on drywall and wall board; flooring removed Mold in your business is a serious matter. SERVPRO techs are trained in mold remediation- call us today!

SERVPRO Addresses Moisture Issues and Cleans Up Business Premises during Black Mold Damage Repairs

When you notice mold signs such as a musty smell or patches on various surfaces, you should take steps to correct the problem because it seldom goes away on its own. Mold usually signifies an apparent or hidden moisture issue. However, it takes more than drying your San Antonio premises to eliminate the problem.

The mold damage remediation executed in San Antonio business premises should address the physical remnants of mold growth. For instance, the infestation can cause pitting and other physical deterioration in various materials like wood. Such surfaces need restoring after cleaning off the mold colonies. In extreme cases, the materials lose their structural integrity, entirely necessitating replacement. Our SERVPRO technicians handle both teardown and material repairs. The location of the mold in your premises is one of the factors our mold specialists use to decide which approach to use.

Concerning the location, remediation processes can be categorized as:

  • Bathroom mold removal
  • Basement mold remediation
  • Attic Mold Removal

In case of mold in an attic or ceiling, remediation procedures are likely to disrupt business operations since tearing down deteriorated ceiling or insulation materials spreads debris everywhere. In bathrooms, the surface materials like tiles are resilient, so the bulk of the mold colonies are likely to be concentrated in the wall or ceiling cavities where it is harder to reach.

Our SERVPRO technicians can expedite such teardowns since we have a more comprehensive range of tools. We can also limit the spread of debris by setting up containment barriers. After removing the moldy debris, we also apply antimicrobial agents to inhibit further growth.

SERVPRO of Braun Station takes enough precautions to ensure mold damage remediation does not close down your business for extended periods. Call us at (210) 267-2159. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Does Flash Flood Cleanup in San Antonio Cover the Exterior of a Home?

8/25/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged, carpet removed SERVPRO removes contaminated, soiled carpets after flooding in San Antonio homes

SERVPRO Flash Flood Cleanup Services Help Return the Interior and Exterior of San Antonio Homes to a Pre-loss Condition

Heavy rainfall can lead to a rise in the water table. Overflowing rivers, roads, or dams is often the root cause of flash flooding, which can occur over a matter of hours and cause billions of dollars’ worth of property damage to residences in the vicinity. We are an emergency flood restoration service that can assist homes with picking up the pieces after a flash flood. Our services include:

  • Flood restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water cleanup
  • Decontamination with EPA approved antimicrobial agents

The priorities for flash flood cleanup in San Antonio are removing unwanted or non-salvageable material and draining and drying the property. A property fallen victim to flash flooding likely has significant debris and material damage. Our team can provide emergency services such as secure board-ups, deliver dumpsters for rubbish, and pressure washes the exterior of your home to remove grime, mud, and other solid waste.

  • Pressure washers are measured using pounds per square inch (PSI), with higher values representing stronger power.
  • An industrial pressure washer used by SERVPRO on flooded properties operates at over 3,000 PSI. Typical shower water pressure, by comparison, is around 45 to 55 PSI.
  • These pressure washers can be hooked up to mainline electricity or, in cases where there is a power outage, can run from gas.
  • We provide power sources when needed for running equipment

Get a professional response to a flood issue. Contact SERVPRO of Braun Station for flash flood damage control and restoration at (210) 267-2159.