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How Do We Restore Saturated Walls?

10/21/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling; damaged part removed Sometimes we need to remove water damaged drywall and ceiling, as we did in this home.

After a San Antonio Storm, SERVPRO Comes in With Advanced Equipment and Controlled Demolition to Address Walls with Flood Damage 

Any homeowner needs to know that there are times when DIY methods alone will not get your home the restoration level you need. If the walls in your San Antonio home take on water after a flood, they could be repaired or replaced. However, they must dry from the inside out before any measures to recover and repaint. SERVPRO understands that even if your walls feel dry to the touch, there could be hidden saturation that has to get addressed. With our methods and technology, we can ensure your interior will be “Like it never even happened.” 

What Can Skilled Technicians Do That I Cannot? 

When you call us to help with flood damage in San Antonio, we get to work quickly to halt water migration and begin extraction measures. We utilized specialized techniques and industrial-grade equipment that homeowners cannot access. Drying times often depend on the dry air we can circulate as we regulate temperatures and bring down relative humidity within the living space. 

  • Water damaged paneling and plaster are often salvageable, but we need to dry the sills and studs by creating air circulation.
  • We can remove laminated paneling, drywall, and plaster to just above the level that floodwater wicked
  • Whenever wallboards have encountered dirty and contaminated floodwater, they must get thoroughly replaced. 
  • Wallboards treated with vinyl-coating wallpaper will restrict drying, so removal is best to ensure no hidden moisture gets left behind.  

In addition to wall restoration, our contractors take care of carpet repair and installation, subfloor repair and replacement, any other aspects that call for controlled demolition for a flawless finish. If required, we can also recommend skilled tradesmen to assist with the build back. 

Call SERVPRO of Braun Station at (210) 267-2159 when you need skilled flood damage restoration. We are always available for emergency restoration services to bring your home back to preloss condition.

Why Homeowners Need a Mold Remediation Company with Realistic Expectations

10/15/2020 (Permalink)

air scrubber and wet vac at work Air scrubbers help to remediate mold damage in San Antonio homes. SERVPRO provides advanced equipment--Why Not Call the Premier Company?

San Antonio Residents Need Good, Honest Mold Remediation

We live in a world of big promises and over-hyped marketing messages in San Antonio and all across the country. The wealth of information out there about any and every topic can be overwhelming.

When you require mold remediation in your San Antonio home, you need a company that makes and keeps its promises. You also want realistic expectations of what can happen and the likely outcome.

What is the difference between mold removal and mold remediation?

Some mold remediation companies advertise "mold removal." However, complete mold removal is not possible. The fungi occur naturally throughout nature, and the spores are microscopic, so you cannot see them. The tiny spores can bloom and develop into a mold colony as they have a food source, moisture, oxygen, and the correct temperature. Mold can grow in many places both indoors and outdoors, including:

  • On trees and plants
  • On spoiled food such as cheese or vegetables
  • On multiple materials throughout your home, including wood, wallpaper, drywall, and carpets

Mold forms colonies known as mycelium. Mycelium is a cluster of hair-like cells called hyphae. Each mycelium can release new mold spores, which drift throughout your home, looking for other places to grow. If they find a new site that meets all the criteria, they can start a new colony.

Because the spores are naturally occurring and so small that they can travel on the air or clothes or pet fur, it is impossible to stop mold from coming back. However, we can take steps to make your home less hospitable to fungus and reduce the risk of a recurrence.

What can SERVPRO do to reduce the risk of reinfestations?

Although no one can prevent mold from coming back, there are actions we can do to reduce the risk of a return visit:

  • Thoroughly drying the area. Mold loves moisture, so we dry out the walls, baseboards, ceiling, upholstery, and furniture. This is a quick way to prevent it from regrowing.
  • Lowering the humidity. We can use dehumidifiers to reduce the air's humidity, so there is less moisture available for fungal growth.
  • Using antimicrobial treatments on hard surfaces to kill fungus and prevent regrowth for up to four weeks.
  • Setting up containment and using a negative air machine to prevent air flowing out of the affected area, thus making it harder for spores to move throughout your home.

What about black mold?

If you look up anything about mold online, you are sure to find lots of horrifying information about black mold. Here at SERVPRO, we do not believe in fear-mongering. Stachybotrys chartarum is the fungus most commonly referred to as black mold, and although mold can cause health effects, please do not panic if you see it in your home. It is a common mold, and remediation works as well for Stachybotrys as it does for every other kind of mold species.

The important thing is to call SERVPRO of Braun Station as soon as you see or smell mold in your home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and the quicker we can begin remediation, the less risk of the spores spreading.

What makes SERVPRO the right choice?

If you need mold remediation you can rely on, choose SERVPRO because:

  • We invest in training our technicians and provide ongoing e-learning opportunities to keep them up to speed with the latest industry standards and processes
  • We do not make unrealistic promises about total mold removal
  • We carry out mold inspection using scientific instruments for accurate data readings
  • We are a locally owned Franchise that cares about our community, with access to national resources to give you the very best in mold remediation

How can you know what to expect during remediation?

We keep you in the loop at all times – we do not do anything without your permission. If we need to set up containment, switch off your HVAC, or remove items from a room, you are informed of the necessary actions. We ensure you agree with our cleaning plan before we begin, and we conduct a walkthrough with you at the end of remediation. We also check in with you a week later to tackle any further concerns, should they arise.

What will your home look like after mold remediation?

We aim to leave your home looking "Like it never even happened." After we deal with the mold infestation, we can partner with additional contractors to build back or re-decorating if necessary. We also bring in air scrubbers and carbon filters to deodorize your home and get rid of the moldy smell.

 If you need a mold remediation company you can rely on, call SERVPRO of Braun Station at (210) 267-2159.

Should Homeowners in San Antonio Prepare Before Starting Flood Removal Processes?

9/27/2020 (Permalink)

flooded laundry room with items floating on top Flooding in your home can damage many things. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation and mitigation services.

SERVPRO Helps Identify Obstacles That Can Hinder Flood Removal at Your San Antonio Home

When your home floods in the aftermath of a severe weather event, the first thing you want to do is probably to clean up and fix damaged areas. However, for the best outcome, you may want to take some time to prepare for the process. One of the reasons SERVPRO promises San Antonio homeowners a positive outcome is because we spare no effort when doing such preparation.

What would preparation before starting flood removal in a San Antonio home involve?

  • Identifying project restrictions 
  • Establishing the true scope of damage
  • Determining the resources needed for the task

Which restrictions interfere with flood removal?

When the situation is ideal, you can venture into the flooded property and immediately start mitigation processes such as water extraction. However, after a storm incident, you might not be sure whether there are health risks or safety hazards that you might be exposed to in the property. If you have no way of confirming the level of danger, then you are restricted from performing the restoration process. Our SERVPRO technicians can help scope the risks in such a case because we have the tools needed, including:

  • Electric circuit testers to check for electrical faults
  • Luminometers to confirm the presence of contaminants
  • GFCI to ground electrical equipment

What determines the scope of damage?

From a casual look, you might trivialize or exaggerate the damage caused by a flooding incident. That would lead to a wasteful or insufficient approach during removal. Since none of the two options would be convenient, it is best to find out the scope of the damage so that you can respond appropriately. Our SERVPRO technicians check for things such as the total area of your house affected by the incident and the percentage of porous materials exposed to floodwaters to come up with a precise estimate of the cleaning, demolition, and drying needs.

SERVPRO of Braun Station can handle any incident at your Leon Valley or Braun Station home, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (210) 267-2159.

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How Should a Homeowner Prepare in Case the Next Hurricane Brings Flooding to San Antonio?

9/13/2020 (Permalink)

flooded basement laundry room with washer and dryer Regardless of the way that your home was flooded, SERVPRO is the effective company for water removal services. Call right away.

When the Flood Damage Risk Increases, San Antonio Residents Have a Well-Trained, Equipped, and Experienced Partner in SERVPRO

Although we might prefer a role as an evacuation destination for other Texas residents who live closer to the gulf, the fact is hurricanes, tropical storms, and depressions can make their way to San Antonio during the season from June to November. Other extreme weather patterns can also bring torrential rains and incredibly high winds to the region, ultimately flooding homes and businesses. Awareness of the potential and action taken to respond to the possibility of exterior damage and overland flooding can go a long way to minimizing the effect on your property.

What Can a Property Owner Realistically Do to Manage Storm Damage and Resultant Flooding?

Many resources exist that offer homeowners advice in San Antonio seeking flood damage avoidance and property and personal protection. Some interventions can take place long before a storm threatens:

  • Upgrades and maintenance of your home's exterior drainage systems -- roofs, gutters, and downspouts
  • Landscaping improvements to slope the surrounding ground away from the foundation
  • Inspection and reinforcement of foundations and crawl spaces, including repair or installation of appropriate vapor barriers
  • Installing a sump pump
  • Considering the purchase of a generator
  • Making long-term storage decisions that move essential articles above the flood line
  • Making digital copies of vital documents and treasured photos 

Other interventions are best applied as a storm gathers force and appears likely to affect the area:

  • Securing windows, doors, outbuildings
  • Storing outdoor furnishings, toys, equipment, and other "loose" items inside
  • Monitoring official announcements and following recommendations about evacuation or other safety suggestions or orders

Note: Although it is important to plan for property damage, it can save you and your family's lives to have an emergency plan to keep yourselves safe. Be sure to follow local agencies' advice and collect and pack up in "go bags" the following and more as recommended for each member of your family:

  • Medicines
  • Food and water
  • Clothing

Needed documents should also have their own waterproof "go" container. Be sure to let relatives or other individuals know your plans, including evacuation locations you intend to use. Make plans also for pets, perhaps boarding them ahead of time. Gas up your car and charge your mobile devices. Leave for your safety when authorities strongly suggest or order the population to do so.

How Can a Homeowner Increase the Odds for Successful Restoration of the Home After Flood Damage?

Flood damage in San Antonio needs the attention of skilled and trained professionals for the best outcomes. Even when you prepare, storm activity's intensity can damage exteriors, permitting water to pour into your home. Overland flooding also occurs when torrential rains collect and spread rapidly on roadways and across the ground, forcing its way into or under your home's foundation. It is critical to rapidly remove the flood water, contaminated with a broad range of hazardous substances, including chemicals and sewage. Safe handling requires personal protective equipment (PPE) and protocols for containment and disposal that follow local regulations. SERVPRO teams can:

  • Secure exterior damage with boards and tarps
  • Assess and control structural hazards -- examples are shutting off electricity and other utilities and shoring up walls or ceilings filled with water
  • Releasing water from building cavities with weep holes, sawn or drilled holes, and flood cuts (wall materials removed between studs several inches above the flood line)
  • Dig out the muck and pump water deeper than two inches into treated sewers
  • Extract the remaining water with both truck mount and portable units as appropriate -- truck-mounted extractor can remove up to 36,000 gallons of water per unit per day
  • Contain the contaminated water for lawful disposal -- truck mounts direct water into tanks that can hold over 100 gallons

Is Removing the Flood Water Enough to Save the Home?

Once the liquid water exits via pumps and extractors, our teams turn to cleaning, disinfecting, and structural drying. Mold damage can commence within 24 to 48 hours, so moisture levels must fall to a normal range fast. Our crews:

  • Use EPA-registered proprietary cleaning and disinfecting agents to remove soiling and pathogens from affected surfaces
  • Test your structural components (including any dry areas) with moisture detectors and meters to provide baseline data for drying goals  
  • Balance air movement, temperature, and humidity to facilitate the evaporation of water from porous materials -- the resulting vapor collected for disposal through the use of our high-efficiency dehumidifiers

Count on the professionals at SERVPRO of Braun Station to partner with you when flood damage is too extreme to manage on your own after severe storms. We are poised to help 24/7. Call us day or night at (210) 267-2159 for flooding mitigation and remediation from an industry leader.

What Type of Pump Does Your San Antonio Home Need After a Flood?

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

"Flood zone" After your home suffers flood damage, you need a team of professionals to assist you with cleanup. Call SERVPRO right away! We are always available.

With many extractors at our disposal, we customize mitigation and flood removal to the severity and spread of each disaster. 

Addressing the emergency as quickly as possible ensures that flooding scenarios affecting San Antonio homes do not have to be total losses. Our SERVPRO of Braun Station professionals have loaded, pre-stocked READY trailers and production vehicles ready to mobilize with the extraction, cleaning, and drying equipment necessary to gain control of a flood damage emergency. As a leading flood restoration company in Bexar County, our fast response can help us remove standing water in ranch-style homes before irreparable flooring, and wall system damage occurs.

Floodwater removal in San Antonio properties is one of the primary focuses of our responding technicians after a disaster. Eliminating standing water slows the absorption into flooring and other exposed materials and contents. 

Is a Trash Pump the Best Option for Flood Damage? 

Choosing the right flood removal tool is vital for this process, as some of the common choices like electric submersible pumps might not be best suited for natural flooding conditions in a house. Trash pumps are often the ideal choice for several reasons:

  •     Gas-Powered – Available power is a point of concern for technicians after flooding. Having pumps that do not require the trailered generator means more work that can be happening with electric-powered equipment in the house while extraction continues. 
  •     Portable – Even though trash pumps are much weightier than electric submersibles or wet vacuums, they are still portable units that can be relocated multiple times. 
  •     Passable Solids – Natural flooding introduces solids to the property that electric submersibles cannot remove. With a larger intake and output, smaller debris can get extracted along with the standing water. 

Removing floodwater is a process that requires the right tools and experienced professionals. You can reach our SERVPRO of Braun Station team 24/7 by calling (210) 267-2159.

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How Can I Keep My Bedroom Furnishing After a Fire?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Bedroom after fire You can contact our professionals 24/7. Our fire damage experts are trained in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning.

SERVPRO technicians can perform fire and soot removal in your San Antonio home and lessen the need for replacing items.

Even when articles and building materials in a bedroom do not receive charring from a fire, they can still require disposal if the soot or smoke damage cannot get removed. Worse, self-cleaning methods using liquid solutions increase the cost by driving soot into walls and other surfaces. It is a smart move to bring in a professional restoration services company to remove the smoke damage and after-effects of the fire. 

Can Bedding Get Cleaned After a Fire and Soot Removal?  

This bedroom had a fire in San Antonio that had light charring and needed soot removal. SERVPRO technicians approach every cleanup carefully with actions such as:  

  • Testing the smoke residues to determine the type  
  • Choosing the correct cleaning agent by the surface being cleaned
  • Inspect and cleaning of washable fabrics exposed to soot

The mattress received no effects from the fire and remained in place during the mitigation, although covered in plastic to stop any cross-contamination from airborne particulate during the cleanup.

As long as the bedding is washable, the techs can use the Esporta Washing System to remove all traces of soot, smoke odors, dirt, and dust after a single wash in this powerful piece of equipment. 

During the fire, the first responders piled the articles in the room in a corner. SERVPRO techs went through the items one by one to determine the restoration potential through various cleaning methods. An outside cleaning station handles that task as things get taken out of the job site area. This attention to detail by the techs enables the homeowner to realize the savings by not having to replace so many possessions post-fire.

SERVPRO of Braun Station at (210) 267-2159 has the techniques and equipment to handle damage from fire and soot removal in your home. 

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How Can I Cut Back on Water Damage in San Antonio?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

flood in building SERVPRO of Braun Station is the team to call when you need reliable water mitigation services.

SERVPRO Has the Technicians to Handle Prompt, Efficient Water Mitigation to Lessen Damage to Your San Antonio Property

Several incidents have the potential of creating water damage within your home. Water intrusion is never something a homeowner wants to deal with, and the longer that you wait to address it, the more the damage increases. This is why it is better to act fast so that your San Antonio home gets back to normal faster. The SERVPRO team has the techniques and industry training to help lessen the overall damage, resulting in less of a hit to your finances.

What is Water Mitigation?

Expert water mitigation in San Antonio helps to prevent the damage from flooding or leaks from getting worse. Fast action lessens the cost and the need for disposal or replacement of your building materials and contents. There are many potential scenarios leading to water damage in the home, including:

    •    Moisture located behind walls
    •    Leaks in your plumbing (pipes or fixtures)
    •    Broken or burst hoses or pipes
    •    Leaks in your roofing
    •    Cracks in your foundation
    •    Toilet clogs, and more

No matter the cause for your water issue, SERVPRO is quick to respond with comprehensive mitigation services. We arrive onsite in as little as four hours after you call us so that we can get to work with water extraction and helping to keep water from migrating to other areas of your home.

Until we arrive, we suggest that you:

    •    Do not enter into rooms that have standing water until you know that the electricity is off
    •    Do not lift up any tacked-down carpeting without professional assistance
    •    Do not disturb any areas where you suspect mold
    •    Do not use any electrical appliances while standing on wet flooring or carpeting

SERVPRO of Braun Station is the team to call when you need reliable water mitigation services. We are available 24/7 for emergency service by calling (210) 267-2159 to have a Green Fleet deployed to your property.

What Should Inform the Decision to Hire Water Restoration Companies In San Antonio?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO air movers being used in kitchen This is some of our restoration equipment being used to dry water damage.

You Can Hire SERVPRO to Help Manage Any Water Loss, Salvage Materials and Improve the Overall Speed of the Restoration  

Deciding whether to hire a professional to help with mitigation of water loss in your property or not, might be harder than it seems. Alternatively, you may be left with doubts on whether the one you choose is the best to tackle the problems water leaks introduce in your property. SERVPRO is one of the top San Antonio water cleanup and restoration companies that offer services, which can match your needs. 

Are there Loss Specific Issues that Influence the Choice of Water Restoration Companies in San Antonio? 

Your search for a company should factor in certain aspects of the loss like: 

  • Loss size versus the company's capabilities
  • The chances of hidden problems in a specific incident
  • Presence of dangerous materials at the loss site 

Water loss incidents in San Antonio vary in many ways, including the intensity or the size of affected areas. In most cases, the decision to seek help from a professional is made because the affected party cannot resolve the problem. Therefore, the chosen company should have sufficient capacity to handle the challenges the restoration process presents. 

SERVPRO has sufficient resources in terms of skills and equipment. We have IICRC certified technicians in fields such as: 

Our technicians undergo a 10-hour general and construction industry training by OSHA, thus equipping them with sufficient skills to address any issues that arise. We also have a wide range of equipment to handle all aspects of water removal from early-stage inspection to finishing processes such as deodorization, eliminating traces of the damage, "Like it never even happened." 

Is the assessment of water damage likely to change midway through the restoration? 

It is possible to discover that the San Antonio water spill's damage is worse than the initial assessment revealed. With this in mind, you should choose a company that can seamlessly upgrade the restoration process to tackle the new issues discovered. Some typical problems that can complicate water damage than assessed initially include:

  • Undiscovered deterioration of materials in hidden areas
  • Secondary problems such as mold development
  • Presence of moisture in unexpected areas 

Our SERVPRO technicians anticipate the likelihood of water intrusions being difficult than expected and therefore take a comprehensive approach when trying to resolve the problems at your premises. We start the restoration process with a thorough inspection of the affected property. We use various types of equipment, including penetrative moisture meters and thermal cameras, to trace moisture migration around the property. Our production trucks are also fully packed with all resources we might need for additional restoration processes. For instance, we bring extra equipment to the loss site, including: 

  • Hoses
  • Portable heaters
  • Power generators 

Hazardous materials can delay or halt the restoration as the service provider ponders ways to handle them. Various materials, including asbestos and lead paints, can cause harmful health effects. Our technicians have protective equipment, including gloves, rubber boots, and respirators for protection when handling hazardous materials. We also have contacts of specialty restoration services that can safely remove and dispose of materials such as asbestos. Therefore, delays to the restoration process are minimal when you hire us. 

Should the choice of a restorer depend on the interaction one has with the company? 

Although you may be desperate to remove the water from your home, the quality of service you receive from a restoration company is equally noteworthy. How representatives from the service provider treat you or your property will dictate your decision.

Our SERVPRO technicians make an effort to ensure you are comfortable with our presence at your property, and with the actions that we take while mitigating the loss. For instance, our technicians bring disposable shoe covers when entering your property, thus protecting your floor covers. We also seek affirmation on whether the spot we choose to park our vehicles is ideal. Our customer service staff is reachable 24 hours a day, giving you confidence that we have your best interests. 

Time is also a significant factor when mitigating water loss. Being a locally owned company helps minimize delays, unlike an operation based in a different city. We commit to send a team to your property within 4 hours of loss notification. Such timely response helps prevent long-term problems such as mold, rot, deep staining, and other issues that develop if your house remains waterlogged for periods exceeding 24 hours. 

SERVPRO of Braun Station can help you regain control when water spills affect your Leon Valley, Braun Station, or Dilley properties. Call us at (210) 267-2159.

What Can I Do for Flooding in My San Antonio Home?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used in water damaged hallway When flooding damaged this home, we were there. We restored the house to its preloss condition.

Many Ranch-Style Properties Have One Story that Allows a Single Flood Incident to Impact the Entirety of the Home and its Contents

There are many homes in San Antonio and throughout Bexar County that sit in lower-lying areas. Having a home susceptible to flooding conditions can be a constant worry for property owners. Severe weather events can quickly overwhelm water diversion and storm drain catch basins to present fast-developing flood scenarios. With many homes being single-story throughout the area, one massive flood event can compromise the entire house.

It does not take long for flood damage in San Antonio homes to get out of control. We can ensure our prompt arrival through pre-stocked trailers in our warehouse ready to mobilize when disaster strikes. These production vehicles get stocked with many tools for water damage recovery, which consequently can also aid in flood removal. We have multiple extractors designed almost exclusively for extracting floodwater, especially pooling water with solids and debris present. These units include: 

  • Trash Pumps
  • Wet Vacuums
  • Truck-Mount Extractors

Can SERVPRO Perform Demolition and Build Back? 

With a team of contractors available to arrive alongside our technicians, we can offer both repairs and controlled demolition immediately upon arrival. These repairs benefit your property by providing temporary construction solutions that reduce floodwater penetration to allow mitigation steps like extraction to be more productive. These same professionals can oversee complete build back and reconstruction of areas destroyed in your home. This transition to construction can happen seamlessly after mitigation completes, making it more cost-effective and time saving for customers.

We endeavor to provide a fast response to flooding and storm emergencies that impact your home. We have industry-leading extraction and drying tools and potent cleaning products to address any contamination concerns. However, we can help after a flood, you can give our SERVPRO of Braun Station team a call at (210) 267-2159.

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Can My Couch Be Restored After Water Damage?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

Water pooling on living room floor Water quickly damages furniture. SERVPRO knows the mitigation procedures that will help restore your belongings.

If Your San Antonio Home Has Suffered Water Intrusion and Damaged Furniture SERVPRO Has Upholstery and Water Mitigation Experts That Can Help

If your couch or other furniture becomes tainted from water damage in San Antonio, you want a professional company that handles that type of problem.

Do you restore upholstered items like couches?

The contents of your home are important to you and often have sentimental value as well. We understand that and our technicians are experts at dealing with upholstery and furniture. The San Antonio water restoration Green Team is available twenty-four hours a day to provide emergency water mitigation if your home has suffered a water intrusion. Once the water is extracted, and the drying out process begins, we tackle restoring the content to preloss condition.

Restoring Your Couch

Water can ruin furniture, so immediate intervention is needed to keep further damage occurring. Staining and mold can develop if left untreated. Our upholstery crew will explain any current problems or pre-existing issues that they find. They then move on to the following steps:

  • Pre-testing – this process shows the technicians what type of fibers and fabric they will be handling. That determines the cleaning technique used.
  • Pre-vacuuming – if the couch is completely dry, this removes any loose soil and debris.
  • Cleaning – depending upon the upholstery type, several cleaning methods options may include shampoo, hot water extraction, or machine dry solvent. Specialty cleaning methods are available, as well.

Attention to Detail

There is not a one size fits all cleaning method. Your furniture is different from other client's furniture. The crew providing water restoration to your couch will use a unique process. We give special attention to buttons, fillings, skirts, and other design elements.

 Contact SERVPRO of Braun Station at (210) 267-2159 for your entire home's expert water restoration service.

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