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Our Technicians Are Prepared To Restore Your San Antonio Home After A Fire Disaster 24/7.

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fires can happen for numerous reasons including cooking fires, faulty electrical wires, and unattended candles.

Benefits of Professional San Antonio Fire Damage Cleanup 

The reasons why professional fire cleanup is crucial focus on safety and thorough remediation in San Antonio as elsewhere. A seemingly minor fire quickly extinguished, might appear to need merely a slightly more intense than usual seasonal cleaning. Taking this perspective is risky, with the potential to expose your loved ones and the structure of your home to invisible yet severe progressive damage.

Significant Water Damage

Merely because it was introduced on purpose to mitigate fire damage in your San Antonio home does not negate the hazards of water damage. Slips and falls, electrical shocks, and permanent harm to building materials are just some of the dangers of firefighting water incursion. Efficient water removal and structural drying are essential before or while soot and other debris are cleared. Our technicians hold multiple certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and can move between tasks seamlessly.

Safety Concerns When Managing Toxic Residues

Regardless of the extent of the smoke and soot damage, cleaning is a hazardous endeavor. The chemicals, tar, and gasses produced by fire are toxic and abrasive. SERVPRO Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) are highly-trained in appropriate strategies that clean fire residues efficiently while avoiding smearing and further damage to surfaces by sharp-edged soot particles. We match the type of soot with appropriate cleaners, tools, and methods based on research and experience, not trial and error. 

Specialized Professional Equipment

SERVPRO technicians don personal protective equipment (PPE) when evaluating and cleaning your home. We frequently contain the work area with heavy-duty plastic sheeting and by operating a negative pressure air scrubber. The pressure seals the partition and forces airborne contaminants through HEPA filters before exhausting outside.

Pack-Out Possibilities

The contents of your home suffer from smoke, smells, and soot, too. We offer a Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) to document any items we remove for assessment, cleaning, deodorization, and other restorative procedures at our production facility. Our talented Contents Processing Technicians (CPT) employ a broad range of strategies to save personal possessions you feared ruined beyond repair.

SERVPRO of Braun Station offers victims of fire damage a comprehensive array of professional mitigation and remediation services. Partner up with our skilled and certified team by scheduling an assessment at (210) 267-2159.

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How Professionals Restore Fire Damaged San Antonio Hotels

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Should fire damage your hotel, call SERVPRO of Braun Station for fast remediation.

Rely on Restoration Professionals When Fire Damages Your San Antonio Hotel

Whether your San Antonio hotel caters to the tourist trade, business travelers, or both, a fire can expose your facility to canceled reservations and a tarnished reputation. Our team knows how crucial a fast response can be when managing a fire crisis. We strive to deliver services that meet or exceed the best practices developed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The goal is to return your hotel to preloss condition with minimal disturbance to your day to day operations.

The specialized training our technicians use to mitigate and remediate fire damage in San Antonio is specific to the challenges of cleanup after heat, flames, smoke, and firefighting efforts. Your housekeeping and maintenance staffs have neither the education nor the equipment needed for efficient and appropriate post-blaze residue removal. We carry an extensive inventory of cleaning products and equipment designed for fire recovery.

Firefighting can fill spaces inside your hotel with dirty water and chemical extinguishing agents. When SERVPRO responds to a fire scenario, we also leverage the training, experience, and equipment we possess when water containment and removal is necessary. Slip and fall and electrocution risks are significant until we use commercial-grade pumps and extractors to remove the often filthy and debris-ridden fluids remaining after the flames are knocked out. Our managers and technicians hold multiple certifications from the IICRC, making it seamless to move from task to task.

We are committed to cleaning up the fire damages quickly. Our team also works with you and your employees to contain the affected areas so other locations in your hotel can remain open. SERVPRO employees partition off the damaged rooms and hallways, using heavy-duty plastic barriers and air scrubbing equipment to seal perimeters and isolate our working space. Airborne debris and odors are reduced substantially as the atmosphere within the configuration vents through HEPA filters to the outdoors.

Our technicians classify the types of soot residues found, using research-based approaches when selecting cleaning products, tools, and methods to remove. SERVPRO employees avoid worsening the soiling by using differing yet appropriate procedures for dry, wet, and protein-based soot.

Have confidence in the crews responding to your commercial fire damage from SERVPRO of Braun Station. Call us at (210) 267-2159 as the firefighters leave, and then relax. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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What are the First Steps to Recovery After Fire Damage in San Antonio

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Don’t go this alone. Call SERVPRO of Braun Station for experience fire damage restoration.

Fire Debris and Damaged Material Removal from San Antonio Homes

One of the most challenging aspects of recovery after a fire loss incident in your San Antonio home is addressing the primary concerns of debris removal and assessing material damage. Many homeowners now seek to perform restoration and mitigation work that their property needs on their own after loss incidents. Debris removal and assessing material damage must happen immediately after first responders and firefighters have left the premises.  Owners might lack the skill set required to perform damage assessments safely.

While there are already many steps to addressing each facet of fire damage to San Antonio homes after a loss, our SERVPRO team can help. We have an immediate response to these emergencies with advanced equipment and products that can quickly make a positive difference for your damaged house.  We also arrive with a full crew of competent and well-trained professionals accredited as Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) and Odor Control Technicians (OCT) through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Fire debris removal and the removal of damaged materials encountered in your residence often begins with the experience of our reconstruction division. We bring full-service contractors to your damaged address to get them started on controlled demolition techniques. With years of experience, our contractors can carefully remove only the damaged portions of materials like drywall and flooring to make replacement and reconstruction go quickly and cost less.

It is crucial to monitor and reduce airborne particulates and contaminants throughout the debris removal and controlled demolition process. Often these circumstances can single-handedly worsen symptoms like soot and smoke residue. Running advanced equipment like air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators can make the mitigation go much more smoothly for our SERVPRO team.

Fire debris removal and damage assessment are two critical areas of fire loss recovery that must occur right away. You can always count on the fast response and the expertise of our SERVPRO of Braun Station specialists to help make fire effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need us at (210) 267-2159.

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How SERVPRO Locates Hidden Moisture Pockets in Your Water Damaged San Antonio Home

7/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water had leaked behind the walls and we made flood cuts to dry this home. SERVPRO has the know how to restore any water loss incidents you experience

Likelihood of Inaccessible Water Damage in San Antonio Homes

For a homeowner that works to provide their San Antonio residence with the repairs and restoration it requires after any damaging event, time is of the essence to get essential mitigation processes started. No loss scenario can benefit from wasted time, and in all of these circumstances, prolonged periods before restoration begins can lead to further degradation and deterioration, or worse still, the development and colonization of mold. Part of successfully navigating these damaging events is understanding the severity of the situation and comparing that to your established cleaning and drying capabilities.

Knowing how widespread water damage is in San Antonio homes is the first logical step in developing your plan for recovery and restoration. Depending on the source of this damage, inaccessible areas could have become affected by the spreading water. These exposed structural elements and construction materials can be challenging to dry out without the appropriate cutting-edge equipment available to our SERVPRO professionals. At this point, you must determine the likelihood of damage in inaccessible parts of your property, and whether it might end up more cost and time-effective to reach out to our professional restorers instead.

While many homeowners in our area have successfully addressed moisture and water damage in their home after a loss incident, the success rate for this approach drops substantially without monitoring and moisture content readers. SERVPRO professionals both during the initial assessment and in the time during restoration utilize infrared cameras, thermal imagery, and probing content readers to have a constant understanding of relative humidity levels and the presence of hidden caches of moisture that could continue to erode and degrade affected materials. If you are attempting to restore these effects on your own, it is wise to either invest or rent discovery devices like these as well.

Water loss incidents present a clear risk to your property, especially when you are unclear as to how severe the situation has become. If you feel like a job might be too big for you to handle on your own, give our SERVPRO of Braun Station team a call at (210) 267-2159.

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Why Professional Damage Assessments for San Antonio Homeowners After Fires is Necessary

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Is your home safe to enter after a fire? SERVPRO of Braun Station can assess the damage and get your home on the path to restoration.

What Assessment Can Do for Fire-Damaged San Antonio Homes

After a fire, it can be crucial for homeowners to overview their entire property in San Antonio to determine the extent of interior and exterior damages. Assessments like these can be vital to getting the right work started quickly, putting your property on the path to a full recovery. There are many concerns with homeowners choosing to evaluate their house on their own, however.

While it is critical to gain an understanding of the severity of the fire damage to San Antonio properties as promptly as possible, it is never advisable to rush in after extinguishment without a working knowledge of the risks and potential hazards that exist. The most pressing of these concerns in many cases is structural integrity loss, which can put property owners in dangerous situations if they enter the house unprepared for what they might encounter. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive experience and training in fire loss recovery, and damage assessment and fire debris removal are processes that we can safely begin right away.

Air quality concerns are another potential hazard that homeowners could encounter when entering a fire-damaged residence. Soot and smoke particulates can still be thick in the environment, which alone present potential health risks for those exposed without the appropriate personal protective equipment. Also, the environment could have other airborne risks from burned products and chemicals involved in the incident.

Another concern that can show you the benefits of choosing competent professionals like our SERVPRO team is how widespread fire effects can become. Without sophisticated equipment, including borescopes and other detection tools, homeowners only address the cosmetic concerns of their property and neglect many of the damages that occur out of the direct line of sight.

Your insurance company requires a professional damage assessment to get a claim started and approved, and our SERVPRO of Braun Station technicians can help. We can catalog loss, develop a restoration plan, and work with insurance adjusters to get the process started quickly. Contact us anytime at (210) 267-2159.

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A Primer on Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration in San Antonio

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Do you know how to remove smoke and soot damage? SERVPRO of Braun Station technicians are trained and ready to restore your home.

The Theory of Fire, Fire Damage, and Homeowners In San Antonio

As a homeowner in the San Antonio area, it might help you to understand the theory of fire. Learning the theory of fire means that you have an understanding of how fire, smoke, and heat affect the structure and contents of your home. Information like this can also help you determine which items affected by fire remain repairable, and which do not.

It is essential for you to understand the services someone is about to perform to restore fire damage in your San Antonio home. Fire restoration services involve removing residues from various surfaces throughout your home. No one can tell you a single solution for removing residue after a fire, as circumstances change from item to item. To understand the process better, you need to know more about combustion and smoke.

  • Combustion – This process takes place when a material is burning. It takes fuel, oxygen, and heat in varying degrees to cause combustion. When these components are not in balance, smoke occurs. A burning log can be considered combusting.
  • Smoke – Smoke is produced by decomposed burning material that consists of solid particles, gases, and aerosols released into the air during combustion. Gases are the invisible component of smoke, often consisting of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide compounds.

Organic and inorganic materials always produce different types of smoke. There are many you should be aware of, including, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide which can both be fatal if consumed during a fire. However, the threat gases represent become minimal after firefighters put out the flames. After a fire occurs is not the only time you should call SERVPRO for help.

In addition to gases, smoke consists of fine particles of matter and aerosols. These fine particles are what makes smoke visible to the human eye. They are also odor absorbent, which is what makes smoke smell. Smoke floats through the air until making contact with a surface, combining once again, turning into what we call smoke residue or soot. SERVPRO odor control technicians (OCT) specialize in the removal of foul-smelling odors left behind by a fire.

Call SERVPRO of Braun Station for access to highly-trained fire damage technicians 24-hrs a day, 7-days a week throughout Leon Valley, San Antonio, Floresville, and Dilley. (210) 267-2159

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Our Certified Technicians Respond Quickly To Water Damage Emergencies In San Antonio

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

A HEPA vacuum is being used to remove debris from the cleanup after a kitchen sink and cabinet were removed.

Water Damage Recovery for San Antonio’s Arts and Culture Venues

San Antonio is a destination for visitors from near and far. Members of our community also enjoy the historical sites, museums, performance venues, and the dining and hospitality options that make our region vibrant. If your commercial property on the Broadway Cultural Corridor experiences a water loss, fast and professional recovery is crucial to get your business back to normal operations.

Individuals traveling to our city anticipate taking in the sights, sounds, food, and drink, not realigning their itinerary because of water damage in your San Antonio  venue. Unfortunately, all it takes is appliance failure or a loose plumbing connection to send gallons of water into your commercial property. If a water disaster does occur, you need to partner with a water remediation company that arrives quickly, works efficiently, and returns your business to “Like it never even happened” condition fast.

SERVPRO is the solution to your water damage  recovery needs. Our phones pick up 24/7 because we know disasters do not respect regular business hours. Each service vehicle stocks the equipment needed to remove water and dry out your commercial property rapidly. The technicians responding completed rigorous training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), preparing them for all aspects of the project plan drafted after assessment by one of our experienced managers.

We design the project to permit you and your staff to continue operations as much as possible. Containment of the damaged area with flexible plastic sheeting helps define the work areas, and using air scrubbers ensures odors and particulates stay out of unaffected spaces in your establishment. The SERVPRO crew members shift from task to task seamlessly, moving from pumps and extractors for water removal to air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers for structural drying. As needed throughout the job, our team cleans and disinfects surfaces, employing EPA-registered products for superior results.

Avoid disappointing customers who long awaited enjoying your products and services by engaging SERVPRO  of Braun Station for your commercial water damage restoration. You call (210) 267-2159, and we answer--day or night, all year-round.

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How to Remove Smoke Damage from Your San Antonio Home

6/6/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot ashes penetrate surfaces and leave odors. SERVPRO of Braun Station has the equipment to leave your home smelling fresh.

Professional Deodorization after Fire Damage in San Antonio

A fire in your San Antonio home causes many kinds of harm. Destruction of contents and supporting structures from charring can be severe, and soiling from soot drifting throughout your home reaches areas far from the blaze. As you cope with the many tasks needed to restore possessions and building materials, you concentrate on safety and swift remediation of your living spaces back to a clean, dry, and safe state.

Although your initial focus might not be on the smells resulting from fire damage in San Antonio, failure to address the odors in your dwelling can come back to haunt you. Lingering smoky aromas impact the enjoyment you deserve to remain in your home after cleanup and restoration. Our team of highly-qualified fire damage responders includes graduates of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) course for Odor Control Technicians (OCT). We have strategies to rid your home of offensive odors related to the fire damage.

The first steps toward effective odor control are part of overall fire damage cleanup. SERVPRO removes all charred items from your home, which might need some detective work if the fire spread behind walls or other hidden areas. Sealing of charred surfaces is sometimes an option if the disposal is not possible. Any burned materials continue to emit odiferous vapors unless steps are taken to remove or contain them.

Thorough cleaning also works to reduce odors. SERVPRO uses appropriate cleaners and solvents to clear bad-smelling soot and other residues. If disposal of charred remains and heavy-duty cleaning do not do the trick, we move on to technological advances that use different approaches.

Thermal fogging is an option SERVPRO employs in some cases. A heated chamber recreates the fire’s environment, combusting deodorizing compounds that then spread into the air seeking odor-bearing particles. When the heated deodorizers encounter the particles, they combine, neutralizing the odor through a series of chemical changes. Ozone machines and hydroxyl generators also create minute deodorizing residue, sending these tiny bits airborne to locate the odor-bearing particles, rendering them odorless at the molecular level.

Consult SERVPRO of Braun Station for assistance in eliminating the odors created by fire damage. Call (210) 267-2159 to set up an appointment with a deodorization expert.

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Are Flash Floods Becoming Unwanted Diners at Your San Antonio Cafe?

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Don’t let flash floods ruin your business. Call SERVPRO to restore the water damage quickly.

Restoration After Commercial Flood Damage in a San Antonio Cafe

Living and working in Texas often means getting accustomed to frequent storms and flooding, and being prepared when events like flash floods occur. While flooding can be devastating for homes, businesses affected by flash floods have an immense amount to consider, as such damages affect both the ability to operate and provide a livelihood for employees.

If flash flooding has impeded business, our SERVPRO technicians are ready to mitigate commercial flood damage to your San Antonio cafe. We have the tools, training, and experience to both extract water and restore your items so you can get back to business as usual. 

All it takes is water creeping in through damaged rubber seals on the front entrance to your cafe to cover your floors and affect furnishings. Our SERVPRO team can move furniture to prepare it for drying and use extraction wands, wet/dry vacs, and even mops to take care of water on your flooring. Cement floors are highly durable and resistant to moisture with the right seals, so the focus can quickly shift to saving your tables, chairs, and upholstered items. Your cafe's front can be quickly dried with air movers and dehumidifiers while our team works on restoring and disinfecting your items. Upholstered items such as armchairs or ottomans in your café require removal for preventing exposure to contaminated water. 

We dedicate our team to ensuring that our cleaning techniques are in line with local health department regulations, and the formulas we use for cleanup and mitigation are also designed to meet the standards expected of any commercial facility. We can also repair loose seals in your facility to prevent future issues from flash floods

SERVPRO of Braun Station is ready to address any size disaster and leave your business looking "Like it never even happened." Our emergency response team can be at your facility within hours of your call, so give us a call today at (210) 267-2159.

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Commercial Mold Damage San Antonio

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

Don’t let mold be your new office decoration, call SERVPRO today.

Don’t share your office with mold.

Since mold can grow on pretty much any organic surface where oxygen and moisture are readily available, the interior of your factory building in San Antonio could be under attack at any time. You could even have a mold problem growing out of sight, so being diligent with the maintenance and upkeep of your building is essential.

Not only does mold damage your San Antonio building, it can cause health effects for your workers as well. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it up right away, and recruiting the help of a remediation company such as SERVPRO helps get the job done faster and more efficiently. With our professional training and equipment, you can trust us to make your building look as if nothing ever happened.

Since mold can be sneaky, stay vigilant and make a routine inspection plan that searches explicitly for any signs of mold where it might grow such as in areas with high moisture content and damp surfaces. Look for any spotting or stains on walls and ceilings and be aware of any musty smells. If you have janitorial staff, ask to be notified of any signs of mold in the building.

Before SERVPRO staff can help the mold damage in your building, we take precautions such as establishing a containment area. We do this so that the mold does not spread to clean parts of your structure while we work. Containment can include installing plastic sheeting and creating negative air pressure inside the contaminated area. We also seal HVAC vents to stop the contamination getting into your duct system. Clean rooms are also established and used for decontaminating materials and equipment, as well as decontamination rooms for leaving and entering the work area.

To protect your building from a mold outbreak, it is also essential to make any repairs, such as fixing leaky roofs, cracked foundations, and unsealed windows and door frames. If you make the repairs as they occur and catch leaks and water damage before the wetness sits too long, you can do a lot to keep mold growth away.

SERVPRO of Braun Station are experts at mold remediation, so you can trust us to thoroughly clean your business structure in San Antonio, Braun Station, Pearsall, Dilley, or Jourdanton after an outbreak. Once you suspect you have an issue, give us a call at (210) 267-2159 so we can stop it from spreading further.

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