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How Mitigation Reduces the Fire Damage in Your San Antonio Home

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Mitigation Reduces the Fire Damage in Your San Antonio Home SERVPRO can help restore your treasured items after a fire.

When disasters strike your San Antonio home, there is often little time for you to formulate a plan and remove the most treasured items for safe keeping. Moreover, disasters put these irreplaceable items that you treasure at risk, which leads to one of the most critical aspects of professional restoration services: mitigation. This process helps to reduce the spread and effect of damages in your home when it faces an emergency.

Fire damages are among the worst of these disastrous effects in your San Antonio home that you can neither plan for nor prevent. With so many ways that fires can originate in a home, the primary focus must be the safety of the occupants of the house above any of the contents or items that might be inside. With professionals like our SERVPRO technicians, however, these items do not have to be written off. Our emergency response team can utilize mitigation techniques to help lessen the lingering effects of the fire itself and work to preserve at-risk items within your house.

One of the first things that our team does once we assess the full scope of the fire damage to your home is to determine how to preserve both structural integrity and at-risk items from continued damages. The pack-out service we provide can remove damaged items and those threatened by the conditions of the house to a safe area until restoration completes. Once this happens, the items can get returned to their original positions.

Some of the mitigation techniques employed by our SERVPRO team are to prevent worsening conditions from happening, such as mold growth. With many widespread fires requiring water to extinguish, this pooling water can create problems of its own. Our technicians can extract this excess and dry up the saturation into materials to help reduce the possibility of microbial growth.

While you might not find yourself prepared to face a fire in your home, you are never alone in working to bring your house back to its original conditions. From working to preserve the things that matter most to you when disaster strikes to working efficiently to recover from the damages, our SERVPRO of Braun Station restoration specialists are here to help. Give us a call anytime at (210) 267-2159.

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Immediate Restoration For Water Damage at Your San Antonio Bar

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Immediate Restoration For Water Damage at Your San Antonio Bar See the SERVPRO team roll past the Tower of the Americas to your water damage incident.

You might find that San Antonio has a nightlife that you cannot find in other cities. From the bustling Riverwalk to the bars and nightclubs throughout the city, there is always somewhere to be when the sun goes down. With steep competition with other bars throughout the city and its surrounding communities, you cannot afford to let an unexpected water incident derail your business. When damage like this occurs, trust in the fast response and experienced techniques of our reliable technicians.

As you might imagine, water damage can have a dramatic effect on your San Antonio business. From the immediate concerns in the loss of customers on a particular day to the grander concerns of the effects that persistent moisture and dampness can have on structural elements and contents of the affected areas, getting the problem resolved requires experience and the right equipment. Our SERVPRO professionals work to live up to our claim that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

One of the first things that you need to appreciate in a water loss incident is the immediate spread of this water damage to the surrounding materials such as your flooring, bar, stools, booths, and more. As these elements absorb the spreading water, they can bloat and distort. Without the ability to get to these materials and pull the moisture out quickly, they might suffer irreparable damage.

Our SERVPRO technicians also worry about the possibility of water penetrating beyond the immediate flooring material and absorbing into subflooring and the supports. This saturation can not only weaken the material itself, but it can also allow for mold and mildew growth. The microbial growth like this can threaten the health of your customers and staff, requiring even more intricate restoration and remediation work before you can re-open your doors again.

The important thing to remember when you get posed with a water damage situation in your bar is to react quickly to get the right personnel working on the problem as quickly as possible. The faster that our SERVPRO of Braun Station specialists can work on the issue, the less time it takes to resolve it. Give us a call anytime you need us at (210) 267-2159.

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Avoid Fire Damage When Grilling in Your Leon Valley Home

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Avoid Fire Damage When Grilling in Your Leon Valley Home After fire damage from grilling look for the grill of our trucks at your home.

Late Summer Grilling Can Lead To Fire Damage In Leon Valley

The barbeque and grilling season is far from over in Leon Valley. Cooking outdoors is popular for creating a festive atmosphere and delivering delicious, smoke-infused food to the dining table. Wood, charcoal, or gas grills do pose an elevated risk of household fire. If the flames jump to an exterior or interior portions of your home we can help with cleanup and restoration.

Outdoor grilling needs constant monitoring to avoid fire damage to your Leon Valley  home. Even when you exercise caution variables such as wind gusts, or rambunctious pets can cause an accident that quickly turns into a crisis. During the relatively dry months of late summer, the grass or gardens near your house can ignite fast, spreading the line of fire to the exterior or inside of your dwelling. We respond to many fire cleanup scenarios where the source of the residue on surfaces in your home was an outdoor blaze.

SERVPRO warns that overhanging eaves, an awning, or roof can accelerate the transfer of heat and flames from even a small accidental outdoor fire from grilling. Despite burning just a few minutes before it is extinguished, the smoke and soot of a fire that escaped its containment system can make their way indoors, especially if open windows or heating or cooling intake vents are nearby. Think of how the aromas of your or a neighbor’s grilling waft into your house even when the cooking fuel is contained, and no emergency occurs.

Add to that the increase in smoke and soot if an outdoor fire jumps to the ground or the structure of your home. Fires started outside can grow in intensity if they catch the siding or trim of your home, and if a fire just outside the kitchen, where the majority of grilling spaces are, seeks and finds a burst of oxygen when the door opens, it travels inside with frightening ease. Firefighting efforts, both with fire extinguishers and water, may put out the fire but damage your home on their own. Fortunately, SERVPRO is a full-service restoration company, handling water, fire, and many other disasters.

If a gathering around the grill takes a turn for the worse, SERVPRO  of Braun Station is ready to help clean up and restore any areas of your home affected. Give us a call at (210) 267-2159 to get the recovery started.

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Choosing Professional Water Damage Restoration for Your San Antonio Home

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Choosing Professional Water Damage Restoration for Your San Antonio Home With SERVPRO’s equipment and training, we make your water damage “Like it never even happened.”

San Antonio residents take pride in their homes and properties. When disaster strikes or when you have a substantial mess to clean up, it is a common belief to roll up your sleeves and get to work to fix the problem as best as you can on your own. The trouble with DIY restoration for water incidents is that many homeowners fail to remove the entire lingering threat, allowing for continued damage and secondary effects.

While a homeowner might see a water damage situation in their San Antonio  residence as little more than a reason to break out the mop and run some fans, there is much more to water damage restoration that you might have previously believed. Ensuring that the area gets thoroughly dried often requires specialized equipment and detection tools. Failure to get your home below moisture standards for a house can lead to worsening conditions that pose a threat to the structure as well as your family.

One of the reasons that you might consider professional restoration like our SERVPRO professionals is our ability to respond to your situation rapidly. Even in smaller scale water incidents, fast response time is critical to mitigating loss and to get to work quickly on pulling out the water and drying up the affected areas.

Another reason that a homeowner should think about our SERVPRO  team is our industry-leading equipment, expertise, and unique training. These facts help us to be professionals that can quickly assess the full scope of the damage that affects your home and choose the most efficient and practical approach to eliminating the moisture and preserving the construction materials that have gotten saturated by the incident.

As much as you might be among the homeowners that seek to do things for themselves when something threatens their home, situations like water damages  require professionals with the right training and equipment to ensure that the job gets done adequately. Our SERVPRO of Braun Station water damage technicians are available 24/7 for any need you might have by calling (210) 267-2159.

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Suicide Prevention Week in San Antonio, TX

9/9/2018 (Permalink)

Biohazard Suicide Prevention Week in San Antonio, TX World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10th each year.

As part of the San Antonio community, SERVPRO of Braun Station realizes that suicide prevention is a delicate issue that requires the utmost respect and care.  National Suicide Prevention Week occurs from September 9th through September 15th and we want to help highlight the importance of discussing this very real issue.  We have personally experienced the suicide of a loved one and know that utter heartbreak that occurs to those who are here after a suicide occurs.  We encourage anyone who may be dealing with these thoughts of distress to contact the suicide hotline at (800) 273-8255 or online at  If you or loved one is in distress, please don't hesitate to reach out to find the best resources available to help.  There is hope out there and help is available.

Fire Damage Restoration Challenges Conquered In Leon Valley

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration Challenges Conquered In Leon Valley SERVPRO has the tools and equipment to remove soot after fire damage.

When your Leon Valley home suffers a fire, you and your family are likely terrified and overwhelmed. Even if the blaze extinguished quickly, the evidence of fire damage is everywhere in the house. You might feel that the soot and smoke ruined much of your personal property, but a consultation with our fire restoration technicians can bring better news. Let us show you how our training, skills, and equipment assist in restoration.

If your family survived fire damage in your Leon Valley , you breathe a sigh of relief although you accept that most of your possessions are lost. Before discarding soot and odor-laden personal belongings, work with our team at our production facility. We are in continuous contact with your insurance company, determining which items we can restore to save your memories and your money. Give us a chance to save your family’s treasures as well as restoring your home to preloss condition.

To best evaluate the condition and restoration potential of everything from clothing to a child’s favorite stuffed animal SERVPRO often recommends a pack out of the damaged items. We use a thorough inventory system to track your possessions, and our written records and comments help when your present claim requests to your insurance company. Once the portable items leave the damaged space, we also find it easier to clean, disinfect, and restore the structural damage.

Often fire damage  includes water damage, and our SERVPRO production technicians are skilled in cleanup and recovery of both water and smoke or soot contamination. We have resources like freeze-drying for papers, pictures, and books and electronic restoration experts for computers, phones, and entertainment systems. Our production area features commercial washers and immersion cleaning systems that can manage and reverse the damage done by acidic fire residues.

We can help you make proper decisions about food, personal care items, and other supplies exposed to the heat and smoke of a fire. Even sealed jars and cans can expose your family to food poisoning or soot contamination risks after a fire. Heat can activate microorganisms, and fine soot can “climb” the rings of a lidded jar. Refrigerators and freezers might protect your food if gaskets hold and the power is never or only briefly interrupted. SERVPRO is familiar with the warning signs and helps customers make the safe choice in the pantry and kitchen after a fire.

SERVPRO of Braun Station is ready to help when fire damages your home. Our team offers a wide range of options that allow us to clean and restore both personal and real property. Call us at (210) 267-2159 to arrange for a comprehensive consultation in the aftermath of a household fire.

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Flash Flood Damage In San Antonio Is A Common Occurrence -- Be Ready

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flash Flood Damage In San Antonio Is A Common Occurrence -- Be Ready SERVPRO has the tools and equipment to remediate flood damage in your home.

Prepare for flood damage with SERVPRO of Braun Station

The geographical features that make the Hill Country of Central Texas wild and beautiful expose cities like San Antonio to the genuine risk of severe flood damage. Two rainy seasons bookmark the summer. April and May have the highest precipitation and risk of flash floods. September and October are the tropical storm months, rushing in from the Gulf. No matter the scenario, we are trained and ready to help if flooding strikes your home.

Whether it is the spring thunderstorms that build on the edge of the Balcones Escarpment or the intense rains and winds that make landfall southeast of San Antonio, flood damage  can follow. Because of the predictability of the seasonal water loss challenges, our technicians are extremely familiar with the rigors presented by residential flooding. We also support the education of our team through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training.

Before the flood seasons hit, consider making proactive use of SERVPRO’s training and experience. We offer to both our commercial and residential customers the option to develop an Emergency Ready Plan and Profile. One of our project managers visits your residence, assessing your home’s layout regarding flooding vulnerabilities. We evaluate the flood exposure risk of your mechanical systems and make suggestions concerning adapting your storage decisions to limit the risk of water damage to documents, books, heirlooms, and other personal possessions. Pictures and a blueprint gives us the information we need in the event of a flood.

We then encourage you to add details using our mobile app. This is the Profile, allowing you to list helpful details like the names of vendors for your appliances and contractors who remodeled or repaired areas of your home. If we respond to a flood at your home, we have all of this data in a concise, online format. You can identify SERVPRO  as your preferred restoration partner and delegate authority to family or friends to seek help for your property if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable when a flooding event occurs.

If San Antonio is home, flood risk is a constant possibility. SERVPRO of Braun Station has the technicians and equipment required to remove water, dry out the structure, and restore your premises to pre-flood condition. Contact us at (210) 267-2159 to explore your options ahead of the flood.

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Why Choose Professional Restoration For Fire Damages In Your San Antonio Home

8/18/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Choose Professional Restoration For Fire Damages In Your San Antonio Home A small fire quickly extinguished still left significant amounts of smoke damage and heavy soot throughout the home. The soot affected most living spa

After fire damages, count on the professionals at SERVPRO

After the firefighting teams and first responders have left the scene at your San Antonio residence, you might be curious of how to proceed with getting your home back to the way it used to be. As much as you might understand about professional restoration services, there are still many homeowners that do not fully understand the nature of the work that we do.

Better appreciating the full scope of the work that professional restoration technicians can do for the fire damages in your San Antonio  home, the better prepared you are to know what to expect. You are also better informed then as to why you need to employ a company for this venture and not attempt the work on your own.

Equipment is a big part of the work that SERVPRO does in fire restoration projects. From the tools that we use to remove lingering water damage from extinguishing efforts, to the equipment that helps us to clear out harmful and noxious smoke damage from the affected areas, these are specialized units explicitly created for restoring homes and commercial properties.

IICRC Certification  is also at the heart of the work that we do when restoring fire damage to those in the community. Every one of our technicians has unique training and certifications in their particular restoration niche to offer the most experience and expedient work for your home, regardless of the severity of the damage we experience.

Much of the work we do is intended to live up to the commitment we have to our customers, that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. That means that we are available 24/7 and respond as quickly as possible to help you mitigate the damages and loss in your home and get the process started on putting the pieces back together promptly.

You might not always think of professional restoration companies first, but our SERVPRO  of Braun Station technicians work to earn our reputation with every project that we undertake. You can trust our team to show up quickly and to offer high-quality restoration work to continue being a trusted name in the industry. Give our emergency response team a call today at (210) 267-2159.

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Mold Damage Linked To High Indoor Humidity In San Antonio

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Linked To High Indoor Humidity In San Antonio Drywall is one organic material in your home that mold damage can thrive on.

How high humidity can cause mold damage in your home

Residents of San Antonio experience long hot and humid summers. High levels of airborne moisture and warm temperatures indoors can contribute to the increased likelihood of mold growth in your home, even if you have air conditioning operating. Working with a reputable mold remediation company can help you pinpoint the reasons mold growth is an issue in your home as well as remediating the current growth.

Water is the fuel that accelerates mold damage in your San Antonio home. Mold spores are very opportunistic, gaining enough moisture from small amounts of dampness or small collections of condensation to begin growth. Running an air conditioner is often recommended to reduce interior humidity below 60 percent, the level where mold can find a supportive environment even without spills, leaks, or flooding.

Ironically, AC units can provide the moisture if operating inefficiently or if the wrong size for the space cooled. An air conditioner too small for the area is one problem SERVPRO sees, but an overly powerful system also can fail to reduce the humidity enough to halt mold development.

Air conditioning provides a cooling feeling when it removes moisture from the air, usually by condensing the water vapor on refrigerated coils. If adjusted correctly and draining properly, the system works well and prevents the conditions conducive to mold growth. Sometimes a larger than necessary unit does not operate long enough to reduce the humidity below the “sweet spot” for mold growth. It pumps cold air into the rooms too quickly and then cycles off before the humidity reduces. Mold then grows on the damp surfaces, necessitating mold remediation by our SERVPRO crews.

Keeping AC condensers and coils clean and the drains free-flowing is also key to preventing interior mold growth during a hot summer. If the drain is plugged, it may overflow, depositing moisture on a wall or floor nearby. Mold finds wood and drywall perfect organic surfaces to call home. SERVPRO inspects for these moisture sources when we arrive to assess and plan for mold remediation. If the homeowner does not address these issues chances are good that mold can return even after we complete a professional treatment.

SERVPRO  of Braun Station is eager to help community residents understand why mold finds a home attractive. We design strategies to remove current colonies while also inhibiting future outbreaks. Call us at (210) 267-2159 to schedule an evaluation.

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Fast, Reliable Mold Remediation For Your San Antonio Restaurant

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Fast, Reliable Mold Remediation For Your San Antonio Restaurant If steamy pots lead to mold damage, contact SERVPRO for fast and reliable mold remediation.

When mold damage threatens your restaurant, count on the SERVPRO team

San Antonio restaurants, bakeries, and other food preparation enterprises know inspections are regularly conducted to ensure public health and safety. Mold growth is one of the negative marks your business can receive, so you want to move on mold remediation before the inspector comes. Stick to creating your delicious savory and sweet treats and hire us to manage the mold.

Mold damage in your San Antonio  bakery and restaurant not only violates health regulations but also repels your customers if they see or hear about it. In a perfect world, your business would never need to deal with mold growth, but the conditions supportive of mold spores germination are common in most food preparation areas. Mold prefers temperatures from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but some strains thrive at temperatures as low as 30 or high as 120 degrees. Water, even in the form of steam or high humidity fuels the growth of the fungi, and organic materials offer a food source. All commercial kitchens present this type of environment. We are familiar with the challenges of mold remediation in these circumstances.

Expect SERVPRO mold remediation technicians to assess both the current mold damage and the various sources of moisture observed. Unless your business addresses the moisture issues, mold can recur. In kitchens, one of the essentials is an adequate ventilation system, including exhaust fans that move the steam out of the area. Spills, neglected plumbing leaks, and condensation from coolers, freezers, and ice machines all contribute to the water mold spores seek to absorb.

SERVPRO technicians apply the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation  using the IICRC Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation when responding to your mold emergency. The restoration industry outlines the best practices in this standard and guide, and we as industry leaders follow the recommendations and steps.

We do our best to complete the mold remediation while allowing your business to operate. The SERVPRO team erects physical barriers to contain the moldy area, a zone outside of which your staff and customers remain during the process. Air quality cannot be compromised, so we frequently use negative air pressure machines to prevent the contaminated air from drifting into the rest of your business and that employ HEPA filters to catch airborne debris before venting to the outdoors.

Once contained, our technicians remove the mold, using wiping, scraping, and abrasive techniques like soda blasting. SERVPRO  clears the residues with HEPA filtered vacuums, and bag the debris for disposal according to local codes. EPA-registered antimicrobial formulations treat surfaces to inhibit future mold growth and damage.

Let SERVPRO of Braun Station partner with you when mold damage threatens your food service business. Call us for an evaluation of even a minor infestation at (210) 267-2159 -- the sooner, the better to retain your hard-earned reputation for unique and tasty delicacies.

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