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Hey, San Antonio, Leon Valley, and Our 78250 Neighbors, SERVPRO Responds Rapidly to Your Water Loss

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Two pieces of drying equipment, dehumidifier and an air mover in a garage SERVPRO Service Includes Advanced Equipment and Techniques for Water Damage Mitigation in Leon Valley, San Antonio, and the Greater 78250 zip code are

How SERVPRO of Braun Station Handles Water Damage and Mitigation in Zip Code 78250

In the northern region of the Greater San Antonio area, you can find subdivisions and smaller communities like Northwest Crossing, Quail Creek, and Braun Hollow densely populated with ranch-style homes and one and two-story properties. With so many homes and businesses throughout this subsection of San Antonio’s metropolitan area, our SERVPRO professionals must stay prepared for damages that could affect these properties and their owners. 

Water damage in San Antonio can often be among the most common and detrimental of these events. Many reasons can cause negative impacts to your home or business. With plumbing issues, faulty appliances, severe weather, and other concerns that can leave homeowners contending with widespread water damage, you need a fast response from trained professionals that can help. Our SERVPRO team has a central location in San Antonio, close to Leon Valley, allowing us to reach homes and businesses throughout the 78250 zip code area with the full measure of our recovery efforts in typically less than four hours. 

What Can Cause Water Damage to Your Home? 

There are several potential causes for water damage, and below you can find a few of the most common of these. No matter how water forces can impact your property, our professionals have the expertise and equipment to help. 


Indoor plumbing is one of the most constant and well-built features of construction throughout San Antonio and its surrounding areas. With this intricate network of piping throughout the property, pressure fluctuations, strains, age, and other factors can contribute to damaging circumstances like leaks, separations, and ruptures. 

Faulty Appliances 

Appliances are also a modern convenience shared for nearly every home throughout San Antonio and Leon Valley, but with age, mismanagement, or other degradation these appliances can become more and more susceptible to complete failure. Water-fed appliances can leave a substantial mess in your home, which can only increasingly worsen until the valve that supplies the unit can get turned off.  

Severe Weather Damage 

While this 78250 zip code area might be a considerable distance from the coastal communities like Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico, the area has seen its fair share of tropical storm and even hurricane-level severe storms over the years. With structural damage to your home, it can be much easier for flooding and similar disasters to take place.  

Natural Disasters 

Flash flooding should always be a concern of residents throughout the 78250 area, as the conditions for this disaster can get met with enough steady rainfall over a few days. While this region we serve has fewer bodies of water than other areas inside and around San Antonio, flash flooding can quickly penetrate one-story homes, forcing through vulnerabilities in the construction of a home and its foundation. Never underestimate the force of a flash flood--a few inches of rapidly flowing water can carry away a car or truck. SERVPRO says to always be cautious during a flash flooding encounter.

What Does Water Damage Do to Your Home? 

With many homes in the 78250 region being one-story ranchhouses on concrete slab foundations, a substantial water loss incident could affect the entire property simultaneously. Depending on the source of these incidents, water damage can quickly spread from the point of origin to many rooms and areas throughout the residence. Our team has different approaches for the various materials and contents of the house that could become saturated or exposed to moisture and dampness. 

Roof damage can prove problematic as well considering that many homes do not have attic space and vulnerabilities in the roof can directly penetrate through insulation and into the main floor of the household. Additionally, spreading water can get into wall cavities between rooms, primarily if water loss incidents originate in a centrally located point of the property such as the walkway connecting rooms inside the front door. 

What Should You Do When Water Damage Occurs? 

Water loss incidents can quickly get out of control and almost always require the experience and specialized equipment like our truck-mounted pumps, portable submersible pumps, wet/vacs with special wands, and even squeegees, mops and buckets. Our SERVPRO team has earned the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoring Certifications (IICRC) certificates and when our Green Fleet rolls up to your property, you can be assured of top-notch results, and fast.

Some of the common sources of water damage can be stopped by simply turning off a supply line. This response is often the case for appliance malfunctions and failures from washing machines, dishwashers, and other water-fed units. Each of these machines has a source pipe with a shutoff valve to stop water flow, and turning this valve can help to protect your property amid an emergency. Less standing water means less cleanup and less damage.

There is little else that you can do to help the restoration process along once our SERVPRO professionals have gotten dispatched from our facility. With our centrally located warehouse and headquarters, we can respond to even substantial water loss incidents with the full complement of our recovery equipment and personnel typically in less than four hours. No matter when you call, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

How Can SERVPRO Help? 

SERVPRO of Braun Station commits to offering every customer the same high-caliber cleaning, drying, and recovery solutions when water damage occurs. As a locally owned and operated company, we respond to every situation as though we are helping our neighbors because we are! We want to help you through the traumatic and stressful experience of a water loss incident, and that begins with a fast, 24/7 response to your emergency with the equipment and the personnel to help. We can quickly remove standing water with a variety of extraction tools and can get to work soon after that to start rapid drying solutions with our high-velocity air movers, LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers, and other tools. We have specialized equipment like drying mats and our Injecti-Dry system that can address concerns like ceiling saturation, flooring saturation, and dry out wall cavities with an effective and expedient approach. 

We also understand the likelihood that moisture can lead to secondary damage like mold growth if left unchecked. Our SERVPRO professionals can utilize our antimicrobial sprays on surfaces and affected areas to reduce the possibility of facilitating the growth of this damaging organism. We can also neutralize foul odors after a water loss.

Water-damaging events can have a dramatic effect on your home, and no matter where you are in the 78250 region, our SERVPRO of Braun Station professionals can help you to overcome the loss. We have the expertise, advanced equipment, products, and the experience to make water loss emergencies “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need us at (210) 267-2159.

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